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A. Hole, a set on Flickr.

Fare thee well, oh sweet Ashley. Rest easy in the anthracite dust.

Fabcon Window on Flickr.

Climb into a drier.

Stare Down on Flickr.

You are made of meat. You’re whole family is made of meat.

Do Not Stop On Tracks on Flickr.

No stopping on tracks. Bad for the health.

Washer Warning on Flickr.

Seen too many CSI reruns to ever disobey a warning sign on an oversized dryer.

UE Wizard on Flickr.

Wizard of nature’s reclamation. Conquering your abandos with green.

Kingdom Industrial on Flickr.Lord of Tetanus.

Kingdom Industrial on Flickr.

Lord of Tetanus.

Rooftop Tourists on Flickr.

The best tourism.

Return of The Click on Flickr.

Back in the groove. Looking for crime to fight.

Slides on Flickr.

Learn how to subdue a frantically insane murderchild.